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    what is your favourite food?

    hi guys im just looking for ideas of what to eat for next few weeks so i wanna know
    what is your favourite food you love to eat?

    mine is probably lasagna
    followed closely by marinated chicken wings doesnt matter what marinate it still taste good.
    and also chicken nuggets.

    whats yours?

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    Thin slices of cucumber with a tiny bit of kosher salt.

    At least today. It changes every day.

    The Socratic Method is alive and well.

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    scallops, sauteed with butter and a touch of lemon. adding more seasoning is a crime against any and all gods, and the universe, and humankind

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    Home made chilli with kidney beans and white rice.

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    All I eat is fast food

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    Grandmom's meatballs..
    Mom's roe deer steak, pref with mushrooms.
    Gf's mothers hungarian goulash soup.

    Yes I'm a mommy's boy I guess!
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    I'm in love with Japanese food! Damn, I'm in love with the whole country!

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    I like a lot of food:

    Basic: Potatoes, Bread, Milk and cheese. Love almost anything that uses these.
    Appetizer: My Deviled eggs, Aunt's Queso, Mom's Egg rolls.
    Soup: Tomato soup, broccoli chedder, Grandma's italian soup.
    Main Dish: Dads hot wings, moms/grandmas burritos, Vietnamese spring rolls, Vietnamese sticky rice things.
    Dessert: Pumpkin Pie, cheesecake, icecream.

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    Oven baked potatoes under some melted cheese with a splash of mayo.

    And my girlfriend's masterpiece meat lasagna.

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    chicken wings!!!

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    In this hierarchy:

    Broccoli with molten butter

    Spinach with sour cream

    cooked porkcubes with crust+fat

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    Salt and pepper squid.

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    Squash with a little bit of butter/pepper/salt. Yum.

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    Does peanut butter count?

    God I love opening a brand-new jar of peanut butter and taking a huge wiff of that deliciousness

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    When my girls cooking: Kokkinisto (think spag bol but with BIG chunks of slow cooked beef)/Papoutsakia (eggplant with mince, cheese and bechamel sauce on top)
    When her mums cooking: Fish Soup (plenty of other stuff I like but this is just divine)
    When I'm cooking: Beef & 4 bean chilli/Salmon & random stuff omlette (peppers, tomato, asparagus, whatever's spare in the fridge)/Beef Wellington (a MIGHTY dish for when I'm showboating)
    When me & my girl are cooking: Chicken Pie (neither of us makes it nice on our own, if we both make it, it's EPIC).
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    Italian- Lasagna / Pizza.
    Chinese- Kung Pao Chicken, Sweet and Sour Pork.
    Japanese- California Rolls, Teriyaki Chicken/Beef. Takoyaki can be good too.
    Korean- BBQ Ribs, Kimchi and those seasoned potato squares.
    Vietnamese - Beef Pho soup.
    Indian- Butter Chicken with lots of Naan bread. Lamb Korma is good too.
    Russian- Don't know the actual name, but a cabbage, tomato and beef stew/soup.
    Mexican- Chimichangas and Tamales.
    Fast Food- Wendy's spicy chicken sandwiches and Triple O's burgers.

    Probably missed something, but those are most of my favorite foods.

    edit: forgot spicy chicken wings with ranch sauce and jerk chicken.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RICH1471 View Post
    Home made chilli with kidney beans and white rice.
    Thought you were on a keto diet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolkingler1 View Post
    Thought you were on a keto diet?
    He was for the purposes of that thread

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