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    Any word on when new copies will be availible?

    So, I recently heard GW2 was released, and went to go pick up a Digital copy of the game. Buying from a local vendor is not possible as I currently live in a country it is not sold in. And I find it has been sold out. The game has been out for almost a week now, correct? How long until they get more copies out there? I know WoW faced almost a month of being sold out when it first released, but I'd really like to start my playing soon. Has Anet made any announcements?

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    I'm also trying to get a copy, without success. I dont think ArenaNet made any announcements on when digital copies will be available once again. They only said via their Twitter that they would re-activate the digital sales when they fixed some problems.

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    Why not pay someone to buy it in a country where it is sold and just give you the serial code? Or do you want the digi deluxe version?

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    You can still buy digital copies on other websites

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    If you're in the US, buy it here:


    There's a ton of other places to do so as well.
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    Oh cool, I use a VPN so I should be able to buy from those sites even though I don't live in the US. Thanks a lot.

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