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    "What's a zarhym? he looks like a companion pet you get in dal
    And I expect them all to be named accordingly."

    Haha. I wonder how many will?

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    Red face

    Quote Originally Posted by Ahrendel View Post
    No shaman fan art with this set? For shame.
    Actually, a shaman image does appear with this set, but it appears to have been left out of the post. If you click the "shares" link and follow the reddit post, Valdyr (shaman) appears after Penseroso (hunter).
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    The Prot buffs look like they were already hotfixed on live .. can anyone confirm it? On the dummies my shield slam produces 20 rage and my revenge does 15 rage.

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    The more recent Blizz, people subscribe to the game, and they fix things at their convenience leaving it broken for weeks, sometimes months depending on what it is. And yet most passively accept this. We should be able to return the favor in a way and stop paying them but still be able to play, then tell them "sorry for the inconvenience, I just haven't got around to paying you yet". Oh never mind, inconvenience is a one way street, toward the subscribers.

    And yes, the fan art is pretty nice. I like it.

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    The lorewalker stuff looks great, seems like a huge improvement to archaeology.

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    The comment about a possible future hero class gets me all warm and fuzzy inside. Just think, Demon Hunter class starting at level 70, training at the Black Temple. Droool.

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    Now why couldn't they have implemented them lorewalker digsite items for older ones ?

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    the fan art is very well done, but the inaccurate Death Knight tier (the helm is just the blue paladin t8) irks me!

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    lol wrong topic

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