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    Engineer Support Build?

    I have been looking all over the internet trying to find a good engineer support build and haven't come across anything. I have posted on the Engineer discussion and haven't gotten a reply.

    So I was wondering if any experienced Engineers have some advice on a good dungeon support build. Thanks in advance.

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    Well, support in what sense? Elixir gun + exlixirs + maybe heal kit?

    The problem with support is you do not get appropriate credit for it in encounters, since they seem to be based on the damage you do and not the ammount you help others out. Note when I say appropriate credit, i mean pretty much none, it does not seem to be currently supported and a viable way of dealing with normal pve questing matters.

    In saying that, some elixirs do allow you to buff yourself as well as give an aoe application, but it's always going to be a fine line and I'm not sure if those elixirs are better than the other talents in terms of providing damage via a buff application to yourself.
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    Well, like the guy above me said, I don´t think its really viable to go full support engineer. Even in dungeons it´s probably better to mix it with dps. Probably go with dual gun, either heal kit or healing turret for healing. Then have the elixir that gives you a bunch of buffs (I think its B), then the one that removes conditions and turns them into boons, and elixir gun, and that should be good. Just dps while using your abilities and throwing elixirs around, sounds fine to me.

    As for traits I´d go with Alchemy+Inventions (+healing,+toughness,+boon duration,+stamina). And 10 points in some other thing that might help o_o, can´t think of one right now.

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    More offense oriented support build, focused on applying conditions. So gear for condition damage. For a more defensive one invest in Alchemy, and remove points in Explosives and Firearms.

    (note: that trait calc might not be up to date)
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