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    which DPS spec ; HA or SW or DP?

    to be honest till now HA is top dog (for me)as dps maker with insane spike damage even fire mage cant get close to it (single target),but still see some few post reporting that DP has better dps or SW is best dps spec (icy veins)I need more report on this with bit of details to clear this once and for all.

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    Dafuq did I just read ?

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    The OP is talking about the lv75 tier. Asking which is better, Holy Avenger, Sanctified Wrath or Divine Purpose.

    Sadly I can't really give any input on this. DP and HA seems to be the best, but both are very close from what I remember reading on EJ.

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    My own personal experience:

    DP for sustained dps for whole fight (also slight quality of life improvement as one less thing to activate.

    HA for burst.

    That's about it imho.

    Both are good. Depends on encounter.

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    Got a burst/burn phase?- Go HA

    Got a fight where there is no burn phase and you don't want another CD, and want better sustained DPS? - Go DP

    There is plenty to be said, just go by that though. Don't keep yourself up too late at night worry about it. And try to keep it to the other already existing threads, please.. We can comment and ask in there. Helps progressive thoughts rather than drowning threads.
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    what I intent here is people input thier personal exp from actual fights not really intrested of coment I read here I read there stuff so input from personal people EXP will be appreciated.

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    As Krekko has already mentioned, please be sure to check existing threads (like the Retribution guide that Krekko already linked).


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