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    Cool The H in hpally.

    Stands for heroic lol. I have a max pally I raid and Pvp with that being said I started a Mage about a week ago to Pvp and raid at max level. I went in to wsg and ab at level 10-14 in full boas and was one shot by a hpally... Ok fluke let's keep going... One shot at grave yard... Well now... This bracket is broken... Get to 15-19... One shot a few more times. Alright I have the boas already so I'm going to try... Get my new pally to level 10, I went 40 and 0 even took on 6 people all level 12 + at one time all whereing boa gear as well and they did not get me to below 50% hp. I had fun but I like being op rofl.

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    And what do you intend to do with this thread? It's common knowledge that low level brackets are broken as fuck.

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    We've already got a few threads about Holy paladins, and their... issues. Please try to look through the forum for threads that already exist on the topic you wish to post, to avoid spamming a forum with threads of the same topic.


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