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    Is there any chance to recive back my stuff?

    Hi guys,
    Don't know if there is a thread abount the Support Service / Bug Report yet, so I apologize now if there is.

    Since a few days back, I had serious issues with the mail sistem, like mails sent and never arrived, with mats, money and other stuff. So I asked help in the Bug report section, and aknowledged that they will NOT reply to you.
    ...But this doesen't mean that they don't read the ticket, did it?
    ...So I hoped for a reply, or a refund or something like that...
    4 days are gone and nothing done :c
    ...Today I've lost 30s (I'm still a lowbie 27 Guardian, so 30 silver are pretty much for me.) with trading post because the 'buy' button didn't give signs of response. It seems I've bought a ton of bone sahrds (1s each)
    But they never came in my 'Income' box.
    Still, my money flew away.
    I've reported even this issue, but...
    ...Like the title in this thread says...
    ...Is there any chance to recive back anything? Doesen matter if money or mats... But at least one of the two :\

    Have you had problems like this? Or worse Issues?

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    I'm having the same issue with the trading post as well. They have records of everything, I'm sure you'll get your items in due time. Might take a day or two though.

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    I had no problem at all (but i seldom use ingame mail), but i suggest you to check the official forum at https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum.
    It's up just for people with issues like yours. I would give it a shot, it's the best i can suggest.
    And good luck!
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