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    So there I was

    in some random bg, minding my own business as usual when I a hordy warlock came prancing thru. He stops and looks at me and I wave and say in a very nice tone what's up honky? This evidently was the wrong thing to say since he lashed out at me with his pet donkey. I was stunned and shocked at this attitude. So I whipped out my great sword and began whacking away at this cretin. Unfortunately for him he did not know i had just purchased a +10 str thong off the blizzard store, and just enchanted my great sword with power torrent. After the beat down he and his donkey received I never saw him again, and evidently he spread the word not to come around me since all of them run from me when I went after them. Tomorrow I am going to venture back into some random bg and see if the attitude adjustment I gave out is still in effect. Wish me luck.

    Your truest warrior

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    what did i just read?

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    Please don't create pointless threads.

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