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    Anyone Else quit WoW and extremely glad to make the switch to GW2?

    I been playing WoW since the WSG patch, it was always my favorite game, and i spent a really long time playing the game, and a lot of money. I never was into Guild Wars 1, so when Guild Wars 2 was announced I tossed it aside. Thinking I would never get into that.

    Then with the new patch WoW completely lost my interest, it was already on the verge, but Panda killed everything for me. And when my friends got the early access, they had me come over and show me some videos.

    I have to say, almost 2 weeks into it, I am completely glad I made the switch. I can easily see this game lasting me a while, with just how much there is to do, and the change in the cookie cutter mmo.

    Anyone else feel the same?

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    Game Vs Game threads are not allowed on the forums, last I heard.

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    Asking for this to get closed

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    This isn't going to end well. While well intentioned, this is basically going to turn into a game vs. game thread and attract a lot of unsavory posts. Closing it down before things go downhill.

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