Just was wondering what are the different setups people use for when they are completing hearts or farming as opposed to pvping as opposed to instancing. I understand you aren't respeccing traits all the time but how does your utility skills or weapon sets change based on what you are doing. Perhaps get a few ideas I can adopt.

For my warrior as I'm leveling I stick with a greatsword and full signet build. Even my heal and elite skills are signets to maximize my crit and burst damage. I run basically the same thing in pvp as well.

But in instances I take a backseat to damage dealing (since signets are pretty selfish as they help only me) and I dual wield maces. I figured this was a good combo because I can apply weakness and vulnerability to enemies, it comes with a daze and aoe knockdown and the adrenaline mace skill is a 2.5 second stun.

I basically try to minimize the damage output of the enemies. And my utility skills I swap to all shouts one to buff allies one to cleanse allies and one that gives 10 stacks of vulnerability to my target. I swap my elite skill to juggernaut which gives me a lot of low cool down knockdown and knock back attacks while it's up.

I was wondering if anyone else does as much swapping of playstyle while leveling (lvl 61 now) cause I know my Mesmer friend only swaps out 1 to 2 utility skills if needed but otherwise plays the same, if he's instancing.