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    Haste or Mastery

    That is the question.

    I thought about posting this in the other thread but that one seems like it had become a bit volatile or at least a fair amount of tension. Is there conclusive data showing that Mastery > Haste or vice versa?

    That question stands for both live and on beta. I've been checking up on Requital's, Anaxie and others posts and I am thinking about taking the plunge and changing out my str gems for str/haste as well as reforging to hover around 20% haste and the rest in mastery and would like some advice before doing so. I am not a theorycrafter or familiar with SimC otherwise I would do both tests and see for myself (that and gems are still expensive on my server). Theorycrafting has never been a strong suit of mine.

    I'll duck now just in case.

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    On live, you're better off saving that gold for MoP. On shorter fights, it's actually a slight dps loss to gem str/haste.

    Running some sims right now that should be helpful. Will update in a few minutes.

    These are all 25k iterations in the newest SimC release, with a 160 to 240 second fight length.

    Gemmed for Strength, Landslide enchanted:

    Holy Avenger: 50345 dps // Stat weights are Str (3.16) > Haste (2.66 > Mastery (2.41) > Crit (2.16)
    Sanc. Wrath: 49877 dps
    Divine Purp.: 49144 dps

    Gemmed for Strength, Hurricane enchanted:

    Holy Avenger: 50234 dps // Stat weights are Str (3.20) > Haste (2.89) > Mastery (2.39) > Crit (2.16)
    Sanc. Wrath: 49733 dps
    Divine Purp.: 49085 dps

    Gemmed for Strength/Haste, Landslide enchanted:

    Holy Avenger: 50210 dps
    Sanc. Wrath: 49751 dps
    Divine Purp.: 49079 dps

    Gemmed for Strength/Haste, Hurricane enchanted:

    Holy Avenger: 50075 dps
    Sanc. Wrath: 49496 dps
    Divine Purp.: 48943 dps
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    Keep your strength gems, not worth the hassle when it would hardly bring a change in dps either way. Definitely reforge to haste though. Gear is so heavy in mastery that it is hard to get much, but I currently have 1674 haste rating and it has been serving me very well in both firelands and dragon soul.

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