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    No more 'old' daybreak mechanic?

    I've always thought the former daybreak where your next holy shock won't trigger a cooldown something really important as It potentially gives us 2 procs of infusion of light which can be a good short burst in healing. Also since daybreak procs off holy light, we can sometimes cast it repeatedly to get the daybreak procs. This prepares us for situation where heavy healing is needed for a brief period. Does anyone feel the same? Could someone share their opinion on this? I personally have not tried up the new patch..

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    Since you've not tried both passives in this patch I'll give you the rundown:

    Daybreak is a passive that has been redesigned. After casting Holy Radiance, the next Holy Shock will also heal all players within 10 yards of the target, for the same amount as the original heal, divided amongst all targets. Basically a follow-up aoe heal. Infusion still reduces the cast time of your spells with a crit from Holy Shock.

    Daybreak simply is now an aoe heal after a HoR is used every 6 seconds (due to HS cd), no more resetting HS etc. Infusion works practically the same way it had before.

    Any extra info can be found here: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...in-5-0-4-Guide

    You can also ask questions.
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