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    Hey guys, while the game is patching I was wondering if anyone would like to share some good places to buy cool looking greatswords or plain ones with good stats. Maybe list some karma vendors for us new people, I tried to Google this but couldn't find any good sites that just listed where to find swords.

    Thanks ahead of time for any help

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    Depends what you consider "cool". I personally don't care for overly large swords that no real person could realistically use well. If you go to the PvP locker in the Heart of the Mists, you can see the available armor and weapons. Most of their locations are known be it faction karma vendors, crafting, dungeons, etc.

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    I makes em! Part of the reason I chose weaponsmithing so I can craft cool looking weapons. So far I've made 3 unique looks the latest of which is called ogre style. I put up a ss of my char with a sword I made on the picture thread I'll go find a link for you.

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    There's literally like 50+ skins, and at least half of them are completely badass. There's a TON of youtube vids detailing them.

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    Check this site, you can click in the vied 3d option to see every weapon =)

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    Most people tend to get boners upon seeing a fellblade but that's not really my style over rated and overused IMO. Either way you need like 23 hom points from gw1 for that

    If you got the gold there's the exotic versions of the night and day great sword legendariez on the tp which can be made into legendariethen combined together
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    I forget what style that is called but it's 1 I get to craft.

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    Earliest 'badass' skin I know is level 20 karma vendor, sells you;

    Pick it up from;

    252 Karma for the Blue version, 504 for the green. For such a low level, easy to obtain weapon, the stats and skin can't be beat

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    I'm partial to the Ebonhawke Greatsword, if only Greatswords didn't suck for Memsers.
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    I picked up a Glyphic greatsword, I think it's the Asura designs, but it looks totally awesome IMO.
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    Go to the Mists, right around the cornor to your right where you spawn there is the PvP locker. Click, and scroll down untill you get to Greatswords. Use preview to check out what the look like.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Swagman View Post

    I forget what style that is called but it's 1 I get to craft.
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    I'm partial to the Ebonhawke Greatsword, if only Greatswords didn't suck for Memsers.
    I think greatswords are great for mesmers.

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    There's a Greatsword identical to the T3 Sylvari cultural Greatsword you can buy located on a karma vendor in the swamp area of Caledon Forest.

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    90% of the greatswords look like total shit (especialy those lvl80 epic ones) and the few decent ones are realy hard to get

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