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    [A] ~Storm~ 16/16N, 9/16H 25 man progression guild (4 days/week)

    <Storm> of Gilneas is seeking exceptional players to push through progression encounters and competitively raid the hardest content in the World of Warcraft. <Storm> raids as a 25 man guild.

    <Storm> is a legacy guild holding a Top ranked position on the realm. Formed in late 2004, <Storm> has consistently held top positions on Gilneas throughout it's history and strives to capture realm first kills.

    ~~Current Class Needs~~**

    Mistweaver monk
    Windwalker Monk
    Fury Warrior
    Enhancement shaman
    Resto Shaman
    Resto Druid
    Balance Druid
    BM/SV Hunter
    Priest Healer

    **If your class is not listed here, we're always looking for new talent. If you think you can be a valuable addition to our raiding team, please, don't be discouraged from applying just because we don't have 'high need' of your class/spec.

    All applicants are expected to be geared to raid at current content. 463 is the current item level requirement.

    ~Raid Times~ : Monday thru Thursday 7:00-11:00 EST
    ~Guild Website~ :
    ~World of Logs~ :
    ~WoW Progress~ :

    ~Cataclysm Progression~

    Dragon Soul 25 : 8/8 Heroic modes ( Glory of the Cataclysm Raider )
    Dragon Soul 10 : 8/8 Heroic modes
    Firelands 25 : 6/7 Heroic ( Glory of the Firelands Raider )
    Blackwing Descent : 6/6 Heroic
    Bastion of Twilight : 2/4 Heroic
    Throne of the Four Winds : 1/2 Heroic

    ~WotLK Progression~

    ICC 25 : 12/12 Normal 12/12 Heroic ( Light of Dawn ), Icebound Drakes
    ICC 10 : 12/12 Normal 12/12 Heroic ( Bane of the Fallen King ), Bloodbathed Drakes
    TOGC 25 : 5/5 Tribute to Insanity
    Ulduar 25 : 9/9 Hard Modes w/ Algalon Down, Ironbound Drakes.
    Naxxramas 25 : Glory of the Raider, The Immortal

    <Storm> raids with a larger flexible roster designed to cater to min/maxxing and class stacking in the cases where it is ideal to the encounter. All raiding members of the guild are swapped in and out for achivements and gear they need once bosses are on farm. Every player in the guild sees progression content at one time or another. Spots in Raids are given based on class, spec, gear, skill, dedication, merit and drive.

    Who Storm is looking for :

    Storm is looking for people who want to raid and play WoW as much as they can, people who control their own play time and who own computers that can handle a raiding environment with a stable internet connection. Storm wants people who can sit at the computer the entire raid and not go AFK for various distractions around the home. If you are going to prioritize other things before raids, do not apply. You must be driven to raid until the last boss is dead to hold a spot in this guild. Applicants should be fluent in English, have a microphone/VoIP client and be willing to communicate through it.

    As a guild, Storm is constantly looking to improve itself, through the use of World of Logs, SimulationCraft, AskMrRobot, and other such resources, the same would be expected of our potential members.

    As a DPS class in Storm, you should be constantly looking for ways to increase your DPS even by the smallest margins. You should be comparing your DPS output to ALL players not just the ones in your own guild. If you cannot bring TOP DPS to the raid, don't bother applying.

    As a Healing class in Storm, you should be driven to increase your healing output using the most efficient spells, abilities and Talent Specs. You should be able to use all the healing tools available to your class and spec. In short, you should not be a one button spammer.

    As a Tanking class in Storm, you should have extensive experience raid tanking and the confidence to co-lead raids and call out pertinent information on vent. Storm's tanks should have the ability to maximize threat output and the knowledge to gear for each encounter individually if the content requires it.

    As a raider in this guild you should prioritize raiding as much as anyone else in the guild does. You should not take missing raids lightly. We expect High Attendance and enthusiasm to raid regardless of the content.

    Raid Environment :

    This is a serious raid guild populated by adults that communicate on Ventrilo. Trash is cleared lightheartedly and efficiently, but boss fights are tightly executed with only the necessary info communicated through Ventrilo. Storm uses a loot council that awards gear based on merit, playskill, attendance and/or overall guild needs should such circumstances arise. Repair costs while raiding progression content are funded by the Guild Bank.

    To Apply :

    To apply contact Vaêr, Cynas, Monkurii, Maaho, Soulfiyah, or Lightbrngr in game. You may also submit an application by visiting our website at no registration is necessary to apply.

    If you have any direct questions, and none of us are available in game, please send me(Illunis) a private message here, on MMO-Champ, and I'll answer it as soon as I can, or add my battletag at Vaer#1856
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    Deleted my facebook today. How liberating!

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    i was looking at that photobominpicture, thats a funny pink panther tshirt man

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    If xlink was a chick, 10/10 would bang

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    @ anyone thinking of applying, just a quick note: The word 'cunt' is a term of endearment in <Storm>, so don't be offended if you get called one. That means we like you.

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    Last post for the night.

    Good night world! <3

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    I fight for my friends.

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    Hungry, but don't have any food.


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    Finished training my dog to fetch beer from the mini fridge today!

    My life is complete.

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    I liked riding the unpainted mechanostrider BEFORE it was cool.

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    Genasi aegis of shielding swordmage inc

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    Went to a bar tonight with nerd bands playing nerd songs, using money I made from diablo III to pay for my drinks & food.

    Nerds, I am your God.

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    Listening to Týr, playin' some D3, quiet day today.

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    Did heroic rag, yoinked the mount, rolled 92, someone rolled 91 after me. I lol'd.

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    Guile's theme goes well with anything.

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    Lindsey Sterling - Crystalize

    Do it.

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