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    Dougy the Vampire Slayer?

    Password accepted.


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    So many new friends in the guild today! Happy day! <3

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    TIL I raid with real life spartans.

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    Roomate butt dialed me at 5AM. I'm not OK with this.

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    Get legendary set pants in act III randomly
    Blackthorne's set, only worth 20m T_T

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    Constructing your own BiS list is fun, but it makes you realize that 2 of your BiS pieces will be from the world bosses. QQ.

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    When does the narwal bacon?

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    Server first 90 maaaaaage


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    So after neglecting this thread for the past 3 days, doing dailies, professions, random bribes, many, -MANY-, world boss kills, and getting geared to raid on Tuesday.

    I say this.

    LE BUMP.

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    10/25 shared thing still bugs me.

    Really tired of having 10 mans on the server getting a boss kill or two before us, and fucking with our ranking.

    Newsflash: 10 mans are never reported or bragged about because nobody gives a fuck about 10 mans. *sigh*

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    So excited to get back at Elegon tonight. Really hoping our new strat gives us the dps throughput we need. ><

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    Elegon is a superdoooooooooouche


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    Also, elegon will DIIIIIIIIIIIIIE soon ^^

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    Will of the Emperor on Monday, but some of my double dotters will be out! T_T

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    Updated strat for will tonight, should be a quick kill.

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    will of the emperor down! \o/

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    Got heroic stone guard, now its on to heroic feng!

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