Recruitment: We do not recruit for bench and we will consider exceptional players that are not listed in the classes below
- Holy Paladin(high)
- Disc Priest(high)
- Holy PriestMedium)
- Restoration Druid(high)
- Rogue(medium)
- Mage(medium)

Guild Info: 10 Man raiding guild
Electus was formed from a 25 man guild that wanted to complete 10 man heroic content. We are a tight knit bunch with a very laid back atmosphere. Our goal is to create an environment where we down content, enjoy each others company, and where everyone has a voice.

Earthen Ring

Raid Times:
8-11 eastern time, however if we are close to getting a kill for progression we will exceed 11 pm.

Raid Days::
Required: Tues, Wed, Thur are the main raid days. Depending on things we may do an additional raid night if we are close on progression or an alt night. Attendance at 90% is preferred.

Contact Info:
Web Site: message for website(forum wont let me post it)

Battle Tag: Tritoch#1861 Wyx#1881
Whisper: Tritôch(symbol alt 147), Phatbare, Xylvyr/Ynryst Garloo/Silverrune
Mumble interview accepted as application.

Loot: Loot council is used to determine, multiple factors are considered including length of time in guild, raids attended and also imput from the entire raid team.

Progression: Group is 6/6 MSV 1/6 HEROIC 6/6 HOF and 3 of 4 terrace