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    Super neglected bumping this. GG.

    Heroic feng gonna die this week, garajal in short order after that.

    Just sayin.

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    2% on heroic feng ffffuuuuu

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    And heroic feng toastied.


    Gara'jal time!

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    Heart of feeeeeear

    So excited~!

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    Man, Garalon's enrage is tighter than a v-



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    Updating recruitment needs :O

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    No shave November is gonna be great, already feelin scruffy, and drinking plenty of beer to promote the growth.

    Viking mode inc.

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    I'm not sure why people call it "Movember"

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    16/16N, time to finish sweeping up heroics now.

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    Heroic gara'jal down, taking a break for thanksgiving though. Probably won't have much time to work on Elegon. :(

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    I'm baking pies today. \o/

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    Just came out of my food coma.
    My God what day is it.

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    Fire mage nerf was a little over the top. I'll be playing frost until its fixed I suppose.

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    Bleh. Really not enjoying raiding as frost.

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    Heroic Wind Lord down! Time for heroic amber shaper~!

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    Heroic garalon down, still time for Unsok!

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