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    Tired of Queues?

    Hi guys I am officer of a hardcore endgame PvP guild. World ranked in AOC/Aion/Swtor (rated). We originally rolled on dragonbrand server with high expectations from months of beta and dominating in WvWvW. We had queues slightly but nothing to cause hesitation.

    Since early access every time we have tried to do guild raids, only 15 of 60 could get on the entire night. Most Queues during primetime have been 3+hrs!

    More importantly when you do get in, the other players in there are trash, since their is no homogeneity due to a lack of organized guild presence by any one particular guild. It is simply diluted with large amounts of pugs making team work consist of calling each other name in team chat and many randoms with no real group yelling orders at those leading actual people on VOIPs causing more frustration. There is minimal strategy to speak of. Basically its a Shitshow!

    2 Days ago, we made the bold step to transfer to one of the new servers ArenaNet opened up the past weekend. It was possibly the greatest decision we ever made. 2 nights in a row we could get over 60 of our guildmates with no queue and operate in cohesion with full guilds in tactical formations and strategic positioning leading to our total domination of the map! It was how we always envisioned WvWvW to be for us and I am sure.....many other guilds too!

    Any guild interested in doing serious WvWvW I implore you to come to Devona's Rest and leave the pugs behind. If you want to vie for world best in an environment that makes it feasible lets do it on our own terms not with this mockery of a queue system on these "full" servers!

    How easy is it?

    Transfers are Free!
    When you transfer your guild stays intact, no reinviting at all!! Guilds span cross server!
    Names are unique, no changes required!
    It is instant!!!!! It took us 30 seconds, of logging in and logging out!
    Only organized guilds on the server with few pugs!

    I make this post because, I know to compete for the top, we need around 3-4 more strong guilds or 7-8 medium ones and a bunch of small ones. Preferably of different time zones. Egos are not needed on this server, just common interest in being the best! If this describes your guild, and you are sick of the bs on these other servers, come to Devona's Rest, or whisper Grimaldi or myself in game. We would be happy to help in anyway we can! Remember Free transfers end soon!


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    Didn't Dragonbrand just get done rolling Devona's Rest in WvW?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bovinity Divinity View Post
    Didn't Dragonbrand just get done rolling Devona's Rest in WvW?
    I just came in here to say LMAO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bovinity Divinity View Post
    Didn't Dragonbrand just get done rolling Devona's Rest in WvW?
    So, people rerolled servers because they lost WvW? Oh my.

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    Hope you get some guild friends =) I dont think they have an end date yet for free transfers though
    Is it on NA or EU you could add to your post =)

    I changed from far shiverpeaks to gandara at head-start launch day. We are just a small guild of 5 friends doing tournaments mostly. Impossible queue times for wvwvw so no point atm to bother taking part but I think that if queues wasnt bugged the wait wouldnt be so long. If someone queue and some other queue 1 hour later that last person queueing might get a spot first which means system isnt working properly. The queue isnt working as a queue. Hopefully it will get fixed soon cause it might ease up some of the wait.
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