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    settings tab:

    the way I see it when I'm just standing around doing nothing with 0 chi it should show Flying Serpent Kick (because it's 2nd priority and I don't have enough Chi for Fists of Fury) , instead it's showing Jab.

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    I have used this mod from the start, not only as a way to train myself on how to use this new class, but now I use it in pvp. It's important to me because it is a way of telling me when my most damaging abilities are off cooldown, and are able to be used. Amazing mod.

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    @Doylez : Everything seems to be in order, I can't tell what's going on, but there must be some hardcoded conditions messing with the, let's face it, rather strange priority list you set up. Be it energy checks to avoid energy capping, or checking for a debuff you don't have yet, I don't know, but I think you'd be better off managing FoF as a cooldown separately, rather than an ability you use when clc tells you to.

    Simply add a new icon displaying FoF's cooldown, remove it from the action list, and you're good to go. If you're using Power Strikes (as you should, while levelling), having 3 Chi instantly (after a Jab) is actually quite common. I'd do the same for Touch of Death, and remove it from the priority list.

    At least that's how I set it up for me.

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    Well with Flying Serpent Kick that's already 2 abilities that I'd have to monitor seperately then :/
    Strangely enough if I disable everything except Fyling Serpent Kick and FoF then it actually shows Flying Serpent Kick... still no FoF though.
    Hopefully it'll work at maxlevel.

    Btw is there a way to disable the red/black color on the icons for out of range/not enough chi? Makes is kind of hard to see the actual icon.

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    I must admit, I levelled my Monk using RAF-level-granting, so I have no first-hand experience with it, but does FSK really do that much damage while levelling, that you'd want to track its cooldown ?
    From my experience, it's almost always up when you need it, maybe not inbetween each mob, but reasonably often enough.
    But anyway, I'd recommand tracking it separately simply because it's later used as a mobility tool rather than a damage dealing one, and you can't count on the priority list to tell you when to use FSK as such.

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    Is anyone using this addon at highish raiding? if so can someone post the Priority Spell list they are currently using in the Priority Module


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    WW priority is quite simple, TeB at the end of RoRo proc or 20 stacks, RSK always on CD, tiger palm to keep the buff up, and jab/blackout kick to generate/spend chi. Toss a chi wave in between if you get low on energy and chi and you'll be fine.

    No need for an addon tbh

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    Is this being updated at all?

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