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    Account Stolen

    So i was never able to verify my email before my account was stolen. Had constantly gotten password reset emails for a few days before it happened. Woke up one day to log in, got a message saying there is no GW account tied to this email address, so i checked my email and had received an email stating i had requested a change in email address, and it required no confirmation whatsoever apparently. Nice.

    Anyway, long story short: is there a number i can call to reach them? its been almost a week and i haven't gotten so much as a response form them. I went through their website and did the whole recovery process, with all my info, and have asked a few questions since with absolutely no responses at all. Its starting to piss me off. If nothing else, I guess I'll request a paypal transaction reversal seeing as the account being stolen is on their end. I started receiving the emails almost as soon as i created the account, a few days before release. None of my other accounts are compromised, and i'm not running authenticators so i know i don't have a keylogger. And I've run the software to check, anyway

    TLDR: GW2 Account stolen, not responding to web recovery, how do I call those fuckers?

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    On the GW2 website, you can create a support account (which isn't your game account) and you can contact them that way. You might need some information like original email address, last 4 digits of the CC number you bought the game with, even a copy of the receipt. The website will have all of that info.

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    Yeah, i did that, since my game account doesn't even exist anymore ( or is attached to a different email, which i have no idea the address for) The website has absolutely no info to help aside from that. And I haven't heard anything for a week now

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    Im in the same boat as you and as far as i know they are just really behind. A LOT of people have been hacked since the launch and Anet are just unable to keep up with it. It is a bit stupid that they allow your email address to be changed without any confirmation of identity but that's. To the best of my knowledge they don't have a line you can call so the most you can do is just sit back in wait. Being in the same situation as you i can understand how frustrating this is but sadly there isnt much we can do

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    Follow the instructions at for your ticket to ensure that they group it into the priority group.

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    Yeah, Rhandric is right, as usual.

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    You just create a support ticket. I had the same thing happen to me and I put a ticket in on a Friday during their big "Amg, y u ban me? I only bought 400 cultural items at 1% of its intended price!" customer support overload and they still fixed it before the weekend was over.
    Having your email not associated with an account anymore doesn't matter. You just have to put in the info for what your account had before it was changed and make sure you have the proper information. Not everything is necessary, but it helps to have as many items to prove the account was yours as possible. (serial number for your game, user name with the random number, the last email, your name.)

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    Yeah, have done all that stuff. Ah well, guess i just have to be patient

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