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    Dynamic Event Chain list?

    I started playing yesterday at lvl 31 with over 30 hours played. I played for ~3 hours and logged off at lvl 39. What did i do differently? I focused on dynamic events, not hearts. This idea was posted in a thread on this forum called 'Leveling like a pro'.

    Last night i joined an event chain in harathi hinterlands that started with killing kol skullsmasher and led eventually to killing ulgoth the modnirr. Here's the chain from the wiki Harathi Hinterlands page:

    (42) Help Shining Blade Kimber defeat Kol Skullsmasher
    (43) Help Shining Blade Kimber find her husband (followup)
    (43) Kill the centaur war council before reinforcements arrive (followup)
    (42) Stop the centaurs from retaking their camps
    (43) Assault Kingsgate and drive the centaurs back before they can rally their forces
    (43) Keep the Modniir invaders from retaking Kingsgate
    (43) Defeat Ulgoth the Modniir and his minions

    I couldn't do better than silver on a couple of the events, and i couldn't even get bronze on the last one, despite trying three times. Still, the exp was ridiculously good.

    i found a guide suggesting a similar path in kessex hills: www .guildwars2junkies. com/2012/08/31 /fast-leveling-in- kessex-hills/

    Does anybody know of any other of these? I'd love to do this until 80. And before you join in with "dude, take your time!" IMHO, there is zero reason to be any level other than 80 in this game. Your 80 gear scales down, but your newb gear doesn't scale up to tougher zones. I'd rather be practicing with endgame skill/traits than with leveling builds.

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    While I can't say now where to find chains, but given time, I'm sure the official wiki will have EVERYTHING. I hope.

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    Tons of chains. Each starting zone has at least one. I did one this weekend that involved taking a centaur camp and then their brings upon the wraith of all centaurs. The last part involves you fighting the king and there is a cameo from what looks like the elemental from the human opening sequence.

    On of the most notorious is the Fire Elemental in Metrica Provence. A reactor blows, dead asura, beast on the loose, anomalies popping up. TLDR you have to go through the reactor and contain the mess, it ends with a huge fire elemental being unleashed. Very good.

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    every time I've seen the Fire Elemental actually spawn it's surrounded by dead people and people dying trying to revive the dead people

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