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    Hrm. Had honestly never heard of that, before.
    I hope you haven't forgotten my role in this little story. I'm the leading man. You know what they say about the leading man? He never dies.

    If you give in to your impulses in this world, the price is that it changes your personality in the real world. The player and character are one and the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rorcanna View Post
    Oh really? Well they've compensated me for the following:

    An error following a patch rendering me unable to even logon to my main toon for 4 weeks. 1 free month added. I phoned them, they saw my dilemma and the fact that I could login and play my other toons just fine and decided on the spot to not only fix this (I still to this day have no idea how they did it) but also giving me a free month. They COULD have said that I had every opportunity to play my other toons (which I did) and just left me hanging.

    Error with moving a toon, it went Alliance alright but I was charged twice. They refunded me the extra cost AND gave me a free change to use at any time in my balance

    I've also been given free race changes/server changes when things have gone wrong with a service, for example moving my toon back for free AND not charging me a second time for moving her to the right account. They could just have said "You chould have been more careful picking the target server and account".

    So...whilst they might not compensate for simple things such as problems at launch days and problems affecting the majority of playerbase for a time, they sure as hell do care and compensate the individual when they need it and if they contact them in a civil manner. I know which kind I prefer, really. I expect errors and problems the first weeks of a new online game launching...I wouldn't accept any silly refunds even if offered since I like to show support for my favourite gaming companies and kicking and stomping and screaming that they didn't get it perfect from the start = I wasn't raised that way.
    Problem is you're comparing a btp game for a monthly sub. It is expected for a game you pay monthly for to have above average customer service. Instead of wow, compare gw2 to diablo3, as the poster you quoted did.

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    Now I wish I had login errors.

    Just checked my email and all I got was an email from perfect world telling me to preorder Torchlight 2, despite the fact I have already preordered it.

    God damn email.

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