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    Guardian quest

    I've been stuck on this quest for almost a week now,
    i don't get it i've tried redoing it multiple times and everytime at the same point nothing happens?
    is this some kind of bug or am i doing something wrong?
    it just stays at the point of survive waine's final tournament bout, but no mobs or npc's arrive

    Can anyone help please

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    I'm assuming you went up north to that spring or whatever it was? Where you tried to counter the drink's effects. I want to say you need to escort him back to the arena. Otherwise I believe he just stand's up there, as I think I tried running back quickly and he wasn't coming; so I went back and got him.

    But I'm really just guessing, its been awhile since I've done it. Whats the last part you did before it "bugs" out?

    (I was with the order of whispers when I did this, so what I say is coming from that viewpoint for the quest. I see Cai with you, so I'm assuming you did it with whispers as well)

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    I had this bug out a lot too. Once you escort Waine back to the tents, he'll challenge the woman there. DO NOT TALK TO HER or it will interrupt her walk down into the arena and nothing will proceed. Lead Waine back and then do nothing until directed, at least until she goes down into the arena.

    Also, just an fyi, it's an Order of Whispers quest as far as I know, not a Guardian one. Did it on my ranger =P

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    Thanks, for the info i'll try it again later. i did all the whispers correctly as far as i know. the last part where it bugs out is where cai goes into the middle of the arena pit
    and yeah he doesent do anything but stand there, i did talk to the woman so i'll try not doing so and see if it makes a diffrence

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    And did it work?

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    JSYK, quests are linked to race and the answers to questions in character creation (and later, it seems which of the three orders you pick). Profession has nothing to do with it. :P
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