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    Quote Originally Posted by Ange View Post
    I tried to Army/LOS Kael'thas with Blood Spec, but I got no "obey me..." yell and as soon as he disoriented me the first time, 1-2 seconds later I was MC'ed.
    Same, no MC when everything was out.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ange View Post
    Maybe I do something wrong as Frost or maybe I need a very lucky try to beat Kael'thas.
    Try with Death Siphon rather than conversion. You'll have a ton more of runic power and you can use all these death runes for death siphon, while still having enough runes for death strikes. Be sure to interrupt as much as you can and that should do it.

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    yea pretty much try what ppl here are saying dont summon a ghoul and frost should be able to do this without getting mcd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trubo View Post
    Kael will never MC his main aggro target. But if you get disrupted and have a pet/guardian (such as Bloodworms or Gurth tentacle) that are immune to it, you will cease to be the main aggro target as disrupt causes a threat wipe while active.

    Really wish people stop spreading misinformation like this. It's not even that hard to solo as Frost, as there's so little physical damage. If anything, Kael has gotten easier to solo for all classes with the new talents and glyphs..

    But that's not to say that stuff doesn't bug out. On my DK during the Grand Astromancer fight, I had one of her priest adds hit me for 320k holy damage.
    We had a warrior as main tank without gurth. But we also had an dpriest (who was shadow one try) and a frost mage. The frost mage pet was the culprit for us.
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    I haven't read the thread thought,
    my way was to summon army right after the Kael doing his 2nd cast. In that way he MCs us, but army is immune to AoE effects so one by one my DK was killing that for a really long time. It makes you lucky, however in 65%the DK won't kill the whole army in 15 seconds.
    I must point that for the time before getting MCd you must switch of your gurthalak, because my problem was that while MCd, my DK pressed Unholy Blight, and...well, you know what it does together, Gurthalak and UB, right? My army was hentai'd in a seconds, then Kael evaded.

    And do not worry about your surviability while you're under MC-as far as you know, the mechanism starts to push all your longest CDs in a random row, so if you haven't spent your IBF on keepers, you're on a pale horse, random DCs on army and IBF+other saves|bones|taps gonna save you(you should NOT take Blood Tap there, because half of the time, I guess, my DK was pushing nothing, tried to push BloodTap with fully depleted runes. From the one side it's good-he is not killing your army so fast and you're having some time, additionally sometimes your worms will taunt you from army for a while;however, from the other side, he may stop push DS|cooldowns and going to be eaten by his own army, your poor fellow DK).

    That method may work or may not. It worked for me when I was soloing, thought if the pull will be unlucky-you should wait for 8+minutes for your army. Otherwise you just keep pushing him to the last phace-and that's where all things got usual. I'm going there with my GF now and we're having a real fun killing our minions sometimes(she's a warlock).
    If someone already posted that-I'm prooving, that it is working, it is not a rumour.
    If it is something new to the thread-I'm glad. Cheers. Sorry for my English.
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    Jeez, you make it sound so much more complicated than it is o.0
    I did it as frost by replacing obliterate with death strike entirely, which is barely a dps nerf anyways and since DW frost plays ''masterfrost'' you dont use it that much.
    Spammed death strike on P3 after killing capernian to get back up a bit, then pewpew'd the rest down. Interrupted fireballs on cd, AMS for first pyroblast then interrupt second. Wiped once because I was too late with AMS on capernian, but its really not that hard as frost.

    I'd advise hitting army right before capernian comes up, the extra dmg is nice and if you get her down before the other 3 show up its a kill anyways. (I dont leave the room, thought that was fixed anyways?)
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    From this patch doing it as Frost.

    I pull 1st advisor and kill it at the bottom of the room, then go back up and kill the rest 3. Like this I have enough time to go down and kill it alone after all 4 of them spawn at same time, just blow all CDs including Army. Leave Capernian as last, i Use death syphon and Death strike on capernian , so by the time KT comes I'm full HP.

    When KT is up its really easy, interupt, AMS, even use anti magic zone, and its pretty easy to heal up the dmg he do to You - now You just need the luck I don't have that ashes drop :<

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sighz View Post
    I've found using a Prismatic Elixir makes you resist all his MC casts.
    This was with Gurth tentacles/blood worms out.
    Tested and works...


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    Thanks for the Prismatic Elixir idea.

    I went with blood/tencacles/worms out -> easy kill -> Ashes of Al'ar

    Prismatic Elixier FTW!

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