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    In most other games, to see the content, you have to clear the content before that.
    Most games don't run for nine years, either.

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    There is no way to express my feelings toward the OP strongly enough. Like every idea that emerges from his kind (that is, unfortunately a lot of "raiderz") it is utterly short-sighted, self destructive and ultimately worthless. But hey- how about we add a special reward just for you? A permeate two-stage title?

    "Dickhead X"
    "The snowflake"

    This way everyone will know just how much of a unique and precocious thing you are and your utterly idiotic behavior would go as unquestioned as the flailing of a down syndrome ebaby
    Wrath baby and proud of it

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    There is no reason to necro this old of a thread to discuss a concept that has already changed in the past year with the introduction of Flex.

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