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    Angry Joe GW2 Review

    Anybody seen this? I love it. It's pretty much EXACTLY how I feel about the game. So from now on if anyone asks me if it's worth it I'm just going to link them to this vid. Hopefully we're able to post stuff like this here.

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    I watched this earlier, it's actully a pretty good review even though it's 30min long.

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    A thread (or two) about this has been closed and merged into the video thread. Expect this one to meet a similar fate.
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    That's fine. I didn't see it in the top threads. guess i should've searched. I mean it was just posted yesterday so it's not like i'm eons late or something.

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    Yup, as Grraarrgghh (wtfname) said, we're going to keep these kinds of videos to the video sticky. If every youtube review of GW2 (even those from semi-prominent/prominent names) got its own thread things would get a bit out of hand : /

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