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    Karma vendors for Back & Aquahelm!?

    I'm looking for a level 80 (or 70+ with decent damage/stats) karma back and aquahelm. Both items are still white wich I got or started with but I haven't been able to find them yet (I do have to do cursed shores still tho). Anyone know where to find them?

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    There's a quaggan in Straights of Devastation who sells helms, somewhere near the Stygian Deeps.

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    I literally just replaced my back piece, level 80 story quest reward. I don't know if there are back drops or craftable ones but the progression for that slot was so extreme that it doesn't seem intended. It went from the basic white back piece that I got in like...Divinity's Reach to a green back piece with a rare gem in it.

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    Ive seen a few while leveling but haven't bothered yet to get 1 cause I'm waiting for max level. But all the vendors that have them are usually underwater hearts, or ones that have to do with water, like fishermen.

    Just check some quaggen karma vendors in the higher zones.

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    Basically what everyone else said. There are some aquatic helm vendors scattered around, mainly in and around the hearts that deal with water combat. But for the back piece, I honestly couldn't tell you. The same thing happened to me where I received one very early in the game and the next one I saw was the one at lvl 80 that you receive in Orr. That's pretty much the entire game without an upgrade. I would hope there are more back piece options than that, but I don't know of any personally.

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    I'm level 45 now and also have yet to see any back pieces other than one I got at like level 10 from my personal story. I've completed every heart quest in 11 different zones and have yet to see a karma vendor for the back slot. 3 power and 4 vitality in an item that won't accept gems higher than the ones you mine from copper ore is pretty OP at level 45 though. I imagine it's still pretty OP at level 79 considering there don't seem to be any other options for the back slot.

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    Guild armor contract sells rare back slots

    Karma vendor at lvl 80 Orr sells masterwork breather
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