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    Experienced (ALT) Warrior looking for a semi-hardcore raiding guild

    Hello there,

    Thank you for checking out my post! I appreciate your time.
    As I’m pretty sure most of you will be thinking, huh why are you applying with your alt.

    Well simple answer, I have gained alot of experience as a raider during the years, (Both at tanking/DPSing) and I can honestly say that I like to share this experience with a secondairy guild and not let it go to waste.
    Since I got alot of spare time in real life, I decided to look for a secondairy raiding guid for my alt to assist with. (not to interfere with my current raiding day’s on my main)

    Main DK <-- just to give an impression

    Alt Warrior <--- this is the guy im applying with

    I recently started playing my (Alt) Warrior again he is still 85, (obtaining Transmog, untill finding a guild interested in me) I will be rushing him to 90 and gearing him up.

    I don’t mind to Server / Faction change change, as long as I get a guaranteed raiding spot available

    Available on:
    Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, ( Wednesday ) <-- has to be discussed.

    Background story, I tanked Vanilla and TBC throughout the whole expansion on my Warrior in WoTLK I rerolled hunter untill ICC came out, at that time my DK alt nearly outgeared my hunter already and changed into my main, I tanked throughout the end of the expansion ( maintank HC 11/12 ICC25man guild)
    Started as tank in Cata, but rerolled dps, and ever since I been Dpsing and offtanking whenever needed
    I’m a reliable guy, that will always be attending raid times, enjoys raiding and gearing up towards it.

    No matter if its my Main or Alt i’m working just as hard on both.
    I’m a player that enjoy’s playing this game, started back in vanilla and not thinking about quiting at all.

    Thank you for taking your time to read my application,

    Your’s Sincerely,

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