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    Cool Guild Wars 2 Review: The New Dynamic in MMOs

    Hello MMO-C once again. After spending two weeks going over the many aspects of GW2, Carol and myself finally put out a official review of the game. This was a grueling process, but well worth it in the end. I helped with teaching Carol about many aspects of the game, and this is her take on it. I had an amazing time helping her learn to play this MMO. Please feel free to comment and critique this article, since this is the first time I've helped someone at this level. Once again, as mentioned, no MMO is better than another. I only wanted potential buyers to have access to many opinions of the game as possible. Since the first article made 5 people buy GW2, (that I know of by the way) I hope this can help even more potential buyers! Thanks again!

    Guild Wars 2 Review: The New Dynamic in MMOs

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    and just who are you and Carol?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archangel Tyrael View Post
    and just who are you and Carol?
    I wonder that as well =)
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    Carol Pinchefsky is a contributor to Forbes. She has never played MMOs before, so she asked me to show her the ropes on how to play MMOs. Thus, she was able to review the game more fairly. From tidbits I have given her on my experiences in the game, with what she has discovered, we put it together in this review. It was a rough 2 weeks, but we had a good time overall. I got to experience many things dealing with her profession, and it was a great chance to put my love of MMOs to use. I provided her many of the information involving Dungeon grouping, Dynamic Events (higher level 40-60), crafting disciplines, and my thoughts on PvP and WvW (coming soon in part 2!)

    Thanks for the question though!

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