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    [/COLOR]When I make an MMO, I'm going to make a zone called "The Sea of Tears" - I don't know what mechanic I will allow there, but I will be sure to make it something that constantly causes people to whine on the forums
    Cross realm priest alliance!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mindp View Post
    Cross realm priest alliance!
    Yesssssssssss! ^^
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shrouded View Post
    Sort of. I find it rather amazing that players have generally just accepted that the game is only intended to be balanced at max level. It's extremely lazy design on Blizzard's part and makes me wonder why the levelling process is even in the game anymore.
    It would be a programming nightmare to balance all the classes at every level. I'm sure its a programming nightmare at max level trying to get every spec to come out around the same on a wide range of fights and yet leave each spec feeling slightly different and unique. It's not lazy it's frankly close to impossible unless they change the scripting to say lvl 59s do x amount of damage no matter what they do. This is a massive game with a massive amount of code which I'm sure it isn't easy to change without causing some unseen issue. If it was easy every gaming company would have a massive MMO.

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    Oh and the reason they really only focus on max level is because that's what people care about. Besides a handful of people who really cares what happens in a level 70 bg or dungeon? What % of time do you give to max level vs lower levels? And be honest.

    I enjoy leveling, I have 8 85s and a few other alts in the 40s and 50s but I probably spend 75-90% of my time on my max level toons.

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    well ofcourse its op.

    I would be running around in fear too if i saw that scary thing!

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