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    Devona's Rest Alliance

    [PTX] PainTrain is a founding member of the Ascension Alliance. We formed the alliance to create an organized, democratic and effective WvW alliance and server community. We’ve spent months advancing our preparation methods, tactics and execution to become one of the best guilds and alliance within the game. We’ve proven this with every campaign and battle we’ve fought thus far since Beta 1 and we’ve shown our following community that we respond and care about the future of GW2.

    Due to inconsistencies in philosophy, difference in focus and vision of what a democratic alliance should be, PainTrain has left the Ascension Alliance. Our vision moving forward is to start fresh with a dedicated group of guilds who wish to be on the same level and have equal decision making power with transparency in communication.

    We would like to bring on and welcome new guilds to our server, share these methods, tactics of planning and help these guilds execute with great success, to help our server, not only become competitive but become one of the best the game has to offer.

    We are looking to organize like minded guilds that are organized, devoted WvW and bring a strong community ethic of respect and cooperation to not only other guilds on our server, but the community as a whole. These guilds can be located anywhere throughout the world as long as they have these common goals and are able to carry out their operations successfully. All global regions are invited.

    In doing so, PainTrain is proud to announce the formation of the Devona’s Legion Alliance.

    Guild Leaders:

    A meet and greet for potential guilds will be held on Thursday, Sept 13th @ 8pm EST on the PTX Teamspeak server : ts54.gameservers.com:9145

    We will be discussing what is needed from each guild and our direction as an alliance. If you can make it, please be attend!

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    We have a guild recruitment sticky so you should post it there

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