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    Dungeon Influence

    So i have a question and i didn't find any topic or informations on this.

    Sometimes in the guild history it says :

    +100 influence for a dungeon
    +10 influence for a dungeon

    And sometimes when we do some dungeons we don't earn anything.

    Somebody have some info on how does the influence in dungeon work ?

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    I'm not 100% sure but maybe it relates to the amount of people in your guild who went with you? 10 being with 1 person, more being with more people?

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    That's what we thought but after doing 1 dungeon with 5 members two times => No Influence :/

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    Haha. It's the guild influence. The point you gain are related to your commitment to the guild you're representing.
    Growing that number, you get achievements for your influence on that guild. Community part, take a look.

    No, it's not dungeon influence meaining you have a rep somewhere or you get better stuff

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