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    Having Trouble Battle Against Ghostly Skull

    Well, I have been doing a lot of pet battling lately. One pet which seems amazing is the Ghostly Skull.

    I kill it, but then it resses and uses Ghostly Bite! It's like a free knockout.

    I don't want to put one on my team, and even critter abilities don't negate the fact that it can ghostly bite while immortal. Any tips?
    (i.e., From my perspective, the Undead racial passive ability is too good.)
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    Have some pet with a shield ability or put your character 'out of play' [e.g. - Fly, Leap, etc.] during it's immortal state?

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    From what I gather, it's one of the most OP battle pets, even with uncommon stats. Especially when paired with Blighthawks.

    Ghostly Skull is pretty slow and can be countered by an aquatic pet. I like Frogs because of Frog Kiss. With some luck, the frog can chain CC their opponents. Frogs get a decent heal as well, along with a critter based attack.

    IMO, the best frog is the "Leopard Tree Frog" in Jade forest. Try taming the one with the maximum speed stat. At level 25 it has 325 speed - which means that it outspeeds most battle pets, except flyers.
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    When you say Critter did you mean abilities such as Survive?
    Fly fast, stay low, hit hard.
    You'd think the 8th Anniversary was the Cheese Anniversary to go with all the whine.
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    Nerf ghostly skull!

    Yeah, here is the 1st whine.
    ...and then...fucking ponies everywhere.

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    Use a turtle. It's aquatic and has Shell Shield, so Ghostly Bite will do much less damage against it than other pets. Headbutt can also stun it on it's immortal turn.

    Other aquatics are good too, since they usually have heals.

    Alternatively, fight Undead with Undead.

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    Or mechanical... Mechanicals have the same passive ability as Undead, but they don't die after that one round... Countless times i've used Repair on my Clockwork Gnome to be Knocked out, rezzed up then repaired to around 70% hp.

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    If you survive the first one remember its a 3 turn cooldown so count the turns so you can counter it.

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    Interesting. Frogs and turtles do look good.

    I am currently using a Snarly. He a great damage dealer with blood in the water, but I will have to catch a frog in the Jade Forest and give it a whirl! The critter abiltity and heals should prove useful.
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