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    Need your help!

    Hello, as many others, I unfortunately had my account compromised 4 days ago. I need to post on the official forums that I have yet to receive a response...but this is difficult because I cannot access them without my account.

    All I am is asking is if someone with access could quickly go to the forums and find the thread labeled: Account Hacked? Permanently Banned? Post here!
    (sorry can't post it, yet)

    My ticket number is 120905-008315 and I have been unable to access my account for 4 days. That is all you would need to post, just to get my info on there. Character name is Trra.

    Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help me out. I would be more than willing to return the favor with in game gold.

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    Click on "Create a Support Account" and make sure you elevate your ticket to the correct system. They should help you relatively soon. A thread on the forums won't help.

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