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    GW2 Digital license

    Does anyone know if it is currently possible to buy a digital license? if it is, then where?

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    I think the only official way to get the digital version is from the gw2 site but some companies may sell the code from a boxed retail version as digital.

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    Does anyone happen to know one of these sites, with some available EU keys? a secure on

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    I know 3 people who bought it from here and have had no problems.


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    Wow, that seems like a rather expensive way to buy the game, i will till tomorrow and see if i can pick up after class. But thanks for the link anyway

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    Be very careful about buying the game using the official website, apparently some people got their credit card informations compromised. It may be the reason why they shut down the Digital selling 1 week after realease.

    Better buy it somewhere else.

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    I'm just going to grab a hard copy i think

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    Doesn't Amazon have a digital download available? Or did they take it down? :3
    Death would be a welcome embrace.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Worgenite View Post
    Doesn't Amazon have a digital download available? Or did they take it down? :3
    I believe it's out of stock or something :/

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    I don't think you can purchase it digitally anywhere at present. Except if you actually have the game and want to upgrade it from standard to ce.

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