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    Buy low sell high, please help me!

    So I'm trying to find out when to buy low and when to sell high in GW2 and how I should do it, can someone explain to me how to do it and when I have to do the buy and sell?

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    can anyone help?

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    You can't do it in this game. Mainly due to the order filling feature, and due to everyone being able to automatically undercut the lowest seller in the UI. Add in the fact that listing prices (and sales tax) add up to 15%, and it's even more impossible.
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    people made 300 gold on buy low sell high in GW2 so i guess it's possible

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    I did some resells like this, but tbh its not that easy (especially with most demanded materials).

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    Do researchs on items with a high discrepancy between orders and sells or between an item before and after you mess with it via crafting, salvaging, etc.
    The max I've found till now only nets me 1g every 15 items, or so, bought and sold though :/

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