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    Need some pet help

    Hello, I recently hit 85 on my hunter and I have no idea what pet I should get. I am a BM hunter if that has any relevance and is there any pets that are better than other or is it just a prefrence thing? and if there is any pets that are better than other which are they?


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    For PvE, this is what you need: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...-Pet-Flowchart

    For PvP, it's down to preference. Shale spiders are pretty good.

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    ^ This.

    For PvP duels the shale spider is one of my favorites. A monkey is also great for the stuns. In RBG's the shale spider's buff is going to get overwritten so I would recommend a Devilsaur or even Arcturis.

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