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    With your logic same goes with mages, hunters, warlocks and Deathknights too.

    When I think about it everything but healers are about buttonsmashing.
    So I propose we rework all classes and just have 2. Either you can pick the healing class or the buttonsmashing class.
    And we should be given a macro that uses the best ability available so we dont have to spam diffrent buttons.
    I disagree on Warlocks.
    Each spec is completely different.

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    A lot of those ideas are very good Blue and it is a shame that more has not been done with rogue game play, if i had my way i would make as much as possible into talents and and simply add more and more of them. Give the player valid play style options because right now they may as well not exist as they simply have to much in common, they share to much ground. If this class was re released tomorrow it would be the biggest issue, These guys made 3 spec which play the same and people would be looking for someone to blame. If all 3 monk specs were tanks and used the same ability's in every rotation they would be very similar to rogues.

    This type of design is not justifiable there is no reason to have 3 specs for rogues as it stands.

    Just as something to note rogues should have more in common with hunters than we currently do, we should have a valid way of killing someone from a distance. A lot of games dont even distinguish between hunter and rogue, they are simply subsets of the same class. call me crazy but hunters have 3 types of ranged weapons and they are the only class in the game able to use them, the logic behind that is mind boggling. Rogues are experts in all manners of physical combat, at very least they should be able to use a bow and arrow, put some poison on that arrow and assassinate someone, logically that makes sense. You have to work on aesthetics and design to make that work but they simply skipped all that and said no, someone said no, because that must have come up at some point.

    You can argue if thats right or wrong some other time but that would have been a proper option that could have been spec 2.

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    No thats dumb. We are rogues, not assassins in the first place so saying we should have long range assassination options is dumb, and we certainly don't need to be a bow class. What game has no distinguishing between rogues and hunters? In fact, what game has a hunter class similar to WoW's? Now lots of games have a ranger class, but that is quite a bit different from a hunter (most obvious difference being that rangers generally have strong melee options). Rogues have traditionally in the fantasy setting been about melee. Not to say that no rogue in any game ever could use a bow, but hey my rogue in WoW can technically use a bow.

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    Combat Rogue - PVP is da best even now assassination is boosted

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