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    Friendlist causing insane lag?

    So (I think) about 2-3 days ago I started getting a new issue with gw2. Whenever I open my friendlist the game start laggin insanely! I mean it sometimes takes 1-3 to open friendlist and when it's open my game stutters really bad (1-5 fps) as soon as I close it the fps jumps back to 30-40.. Other menu's doesn't have this problem (or not that notible). Anyone else have this? I already did a bug report for it but I'm not sure if this will help.

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    Yup having the same problem as you, since about 3 days ago!

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    No one else? I'm guessing report bug won't help much or am I wrong?

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    no problem here and friendlist is big

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    Report it as a bug. They are really good about tracking this sort of a thing down. It obviously shouldnt be doing that so make it known to Anet.

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    Include your system specs - if it's so infrequent that no one else here has experienced it, it's likely it's an incompatibility with your hardware on some point, and they might be able to track that down and fix it.

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    It's because the friendlist, opening, try to localize the position of everyone. More long is the list, more big can be your issue. It's a lag thing, ping issue. Except if Anet improve this feature, nothing will change. It's curious how a contact list reduce the performance. Must be improved. Try to open a ticket to support using the in game interface. One day maybe someone will pass and read it.
    Happens even opening the guild list, did you try?

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    I'm not representing a guild so never noticed but I have one guild account and indeed it lags too but abit less.

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    A more important bug imo: When you're invisible, your location will still change and update on everybody's friend/guild list!

    They should just get rid of the location tracking maybe. :S
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