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    The more I play this the more I like it. I am one of those who care about how well the world is designed. How realistic it feels, how much alive, how much full of places events and such. GW2 so far has been doing an awesome job for a player who is into RPG of MMORPG like myself.

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    I've been slowly getting this feeling too. Normally, when I make a character that I intend on being "my main," I make him with characteristics (among other things) that I like, or am myself so I can attach myself to them. However, recently with my thief, who is nothing like me (wins over with charm, street rat story, was blessed by the death god) I find myself attaching to and becoming very interested in.
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    The RPG aspect of the world is great. On the other side, the way they portray my Guardian character in the personal story makes me hate that dumb, stupid and annoying women.

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    Nice, there are still players who remember RPG part of this genre.
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