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    need some help on a decision

    idk what to lvl first. my lock dk or warrior. all atleast 2200. just cant decide what first since i dont have as much time any more so i want to pick one for awhile. so if anyone has the beta and knows pvp and can give me any tips that would be awesome. thanks

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    play some bgs with the current builds,
    then just level the one you enjoy the most

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    I am having a blast on my Warrior, I was going to roll a panda monk first but now flag carrying warrior all the way.

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    Playing my warrior, I have not been impressed as far as flag carrying has gone. Your self healing is lacking so you are pretty dependent on your healers and your mobility is better than before but you lack a lot of the passive mitigation that was awesome. That and the ability for Blood DKs to self heal a lot and their increased health pools (and to a lesser extent paladins) and the increased toolkit of bear druids (typhoon how I love the) and abilities like the teleport of brewmasters.... I just don't see warriors being the go to flag carrier anymore and I am thinking it will be more dependent on your player and the group makeup/strategy.

    As for DPS, I still do not see Arms/Fury having a place in RBG unless hybrid dot/melee groups show up because of dispel mechanics, but they are very strong in arena. Expect the rise of TSG again with warriors, DK, enhance, rogues being interchangeable. The big issues that TSG had that led to their downfall was mobility and CC and all those classes have made gains on that front. Paladin double freedom/bop/sac with DK dispel, etc will make that a strong comp again. Of course PHD with a warrior instead of DK will be good again most likely.

    Warrior is in a good place from what I have seen, just don't expect to get invited to RBG groups just because you are a warrior. Warlock of course will always be good, there will just be a period of adjustment where the middle pack warlocks are figuring things out and seem weak and as such the community will think they suck but good top players will still be doing great things with them while the rest of the community catches up.

    Either would be fine, but I think this first season will be the time for DPS warriors to shine in arena with TSG and if you want to make a run for titles you should go that route because it probably will be nerfed in subsequent seasons while the warlock should remain pretty stable throughout the expansion as always.

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    I dont play these myself, so i'll just contribute from a victim's pov...

    As a rogue, i still am not concerned about warriors. They have decent dmg but it is easy to avoid and self heal. DKs have better burst and are harder to take down quickly ( especially blood ). Locks spread a lot of pain quickly. The new beefed up pets are very useful and self healing is solid.
    For pure pvp, i would say go with the lock. Mixed bag with pve, DK for tanking offspec diversity

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