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    What should I make next thread

    Not sure if there is one of these already, but I've had a lot of guildies asking me for recommendations on what story to do next and whether to go male/female for various classes. I was hoping there'd be a nice thread for suggestions on this forum but in the absence of one, let's just start it now!

    So, to start:

    Next I think I am going to make a Smuggler. Leaning gunslinger probably. I'm likely going to wind up darkside as I love the idea of being the kind of character who just wants credits, and the money-grubbing no-conscience choices tend to be DS haha
    No idea what race I'm going to make but probably just human.
    My big question is male or female... suggestions?
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    We are gunna use some dust brown to paint some happy little tornados here, and one more here. Then we are going to use some white to paint happy little wind blasts here. Just dab the brush along the base of al akir, and there you have it. THE GAYEST FIGHT EVER

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    Well, Smugglers (like Agents) tend to be the romancers of the galaxy. So unless you like your female toon having 'fun' with guys, I don't suggest it :P I rolled a female character for an alt and any flirt options just felt wrong since I am a male.

    That is just my opinion!

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    Coming from a guy who had half his WoW as characters female, roll male if you are male, roll female if you are female. This game draws you in and really makes you feel like you are your character (unlike all the other AAA MMOs out there), and that just gets weird if you are playing the opposite gender.

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