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    Buy low sell high question

    Why does people say "go buy stuff at 6am or really early" and sell it in the evening, why not just order it?

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    If you're looking to buy low sell high, you really should put buy orders in, I'm not sure who says that, but in my opinion, they probably meant you to order it not buy it outright. I've monitored prices of stuff both at really early hours and at peak hours and the price doesn't seem to fluctuate that much to me. The price between orders and in stock can fluctuate enough to make a profit though.

    Don't forget, it's a global TP - that's people from the USA, AU, the entire EU, Asia etc. all accessing the same trading post. Saying "buy at 6am" because it's a non-peak and then sell in the evening really isn't going to work that well.... every time can be peak time for one region or another.

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    if you want to play the market you put in low buy orders and high sell orders. There has to be at least 15% difference in your orders to make any money at all.

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    I know, but nearly every item there's on AH that sells good, doesn't give any profit if I buy and sell. it's impossible to buy low because there's so many orders.

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    any other that can help?

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    The buy low sell high was a joke, guys

    It means if you find a guy who is so dumb to sell something worth 1s for 50 copper, and you're so lucky to buy it in time, then ye, reselling it for 1s, you got 50 copper. Does it happens? Never
    This "theory" was based on the pure Anet idea of an active enjoyable community where people sells on TP, but sometimes doing a giveaway with uberlow price on /map too. A good community... an utopia, talking about Guildwars, haha.

    Ye, a lot put order with uber low price hoping the dumb of the day wants an immediate sell (god knows why), then reselling it in a rush for the lower price. It's a scam, just a little number of players are so dumb to sell to an order price, when clearly you're just financing the powerseller of the day No need to sell anything to any order, if you're in a rush of sell, just sell it for the lower price possible before the cheaper one (don't sell a huge amount , you end up with someone with a lower price, lol). Is it so hard to understand how this i-scam-you-you-scam-me TP works?

    Wondering how many years we will need before we will see a website with price written on stone, like WoW. Meh, considering GW1 after so many years, wasn't able to do it more than Argos website.. i still laugh hard remembering a whisper:

    "K, how much"


    "Are you joking, everyone sells for 1.5"

    "Well, check Argos"

    "I did, a lot are selling for 1.5 "

    "It's 2g, i know it because ARGOS decide THE PRICE"

    "Bro, argos is a search engine, players (powersellers) decide a price, don't make people laugh on your back XD"


    Who knows if we have the same kind of dumbs, on gw2..
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    Because the only way you'll most likely be able to grab that "dumb seller" is at weird times, but yeah, that's not really right since there are no weird times. Your best bet is to record the average price of things you think may be good for profiting, then monitor said item and wait for it to go low enough whereas you'll want to buy it and hope it goes to the maximum price in the range you took for average. I'm too lazy at the moment to even try.

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