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    Question about targeted "thing" and power word shield

    I would really like to see one big change to Power word: shield on the priest.
    I am quite annoyed of the shield not being cast on you when you have for example a Untilled soil marked. Why should it need to shield a chunk of earth???
    When i am in an Auction house, then it also shields the auctioneer. Why can you even shield him? Because you cant shield questgivers!? Is it just for the pvp part. for when horde storms in to kill the kings?

    I know that you can use alt to then cast on your self. But i use my alt to other things. And i have keybinded the alt and button on mouse where i cast PWS to be renew.

    So is there a macro out there where i can use PWS only on my selv and on a friendly party player?

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    While oddities like this are annoying sometimes, it was far more annoying when PWS only worked in parties and raids.

    See that friendly faction being stomped/ganked by an enemy faction? YOU CANT PWS LULZ

    If you are looking for a work around, use mouse over macros with raid frames ... or alternatives like vuhdo, grid+clique, etc.

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    You can make a macro:

    /cast [@Player] Power Word: Shield
    This macro will only cast on pws on you, for pvp I use other keys to cast on my teammates.
    /cast [@party1] Power Word: Shield
    /cast [@party2] Power Word: Shield

    For PvE some people use mouseover macros, never been a fan of mouseover, but it would look something like this:
    /target mouseover
    /cast Power Word:Shield

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    /cast [@mouseover, help, nodead] [ ] Power Word: Shield

    ^ Better imo, unless I screwed that up somehow. The idea is there though.

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    The first one from Ethidia is the one i need. Very egotistic yes.. But i am SP and normally dont shield others..

    Thx Ethidia

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    Never understood why my atonement damage on vermin was causing the soil around me to take heals. Silly farm.

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