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    prob jax, if u can get to late game w/o ur team feeding its pretty much gg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Count_Satyros View Post
    Don't get me wrong I love Shaco, used to be my main. However with recent changes to the meta etc people tend to pick more "tanky-oriented" champions and less squishy picks, rending Shaco not-so-useless but weaker.
    Weaker if not in the right comp if not very weak if in a horrible comp with no tank.
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    Top: Riven. (Amazing early game damage, amazing anti-carry if used correctly lategame)
    Mid: Ahri. (Very easy to gank with on sidelanes, with massive damage if you hit all your spells)
    Bot: Graves/Blitzcrank. (Graves is just so good at everything, and his "Balls Deep" play style kinda fits me. With blitz its just such a good feeling to land those blind hooks or max range hooks)
    Jungle: Maokai. (simply because he is so gank-heavy he can make his team so strong with those good ganks early, which will win you games and being an unstoppable beast)
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    Top: Vlad (great champ that can play either super team oriented or all-in damage and can carry)
    Mid: Ahri/Cass (have played both for a long time and know most of the ins and outs of them and both are very strong gankers to snowball other lanes as well)
    ADC: Graves (super strong early and then just snowball through the game)
    Support: Taric (My go to support, get a fairly aggressive adc and just stomp their lane with the level 2 burst you have and snowball from that)
    Jungle: Maokai (gank-heavy jungler that can be built into a late game super tank that still deals alot of damage)

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    Top: Riven (used to be Irelia, but have really taken a shine to Riven).
    Mid: Karthus...I love the global pressure and his aoe aura of death in team fights. I am pretty fond of Morganna too.
    Support: Soraka. She terms every game into a farm fest and helps the adcarry really get going.
    ADcarry: Truthfully Vayne, but I am not very happy with my ability to play her. She just feels like she has such short range and I really stumble with carries.
    Jungle: I haven't really masted it yet. I like the feel of Alistar, but I am not really good enough. I've been trying Udyr too but without as much dominance as I'd hope.

    I like galio an awful lot too, but I am never sure what exactly to do with him. He seems great at solo top or mid, because of his harass. His ult seems like just the thing to take control of a team fight too. I just don't feel like I carry as hard on him as other characters.

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    Jungle Jarvan or Jungle Lee Sin, I end up winning most of the time because those two champions are amazing.

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    Top: Jayce <3 Stomping all those tops.
    Mid: I try avoiding this lane but Ryze.
    Support: Taric man in pink armor.
    ADC: Graves only ADC that I like to play.
    Jungle: Maokai/Darius.

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    Singed is back! Look upon me mortals and despair! Myuahahahahaaaaaaaa!!!!!

    *ahem* Played Singed top in a ranked game. I was against a Teemo. I got zoned a bit but I didn't let him even really get ahead. Got a triple kill in a teamfight, almost Quadra but ghost, my ult, and my slow were all on CD so the Galio got away.

    So yeah, I still got it. My previous post is invalid. I should use Singed more often.

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    Really only have 2 characters I play well consistantly: Kayle and Ali. So I guess those are the 2 go to's, and they cover a good portion of the rolls depending on builds
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    If I don't know my teammates and I just want to win Summoner's Rift: Morgana, I can just do so much with her

    If I don't know my teammates and I just want to win Crystal Scar: Evelynn or Nasus - they move fast and so are excellent for capping, if I'm losing a fight I can run away and go cap something - and gather health orbs on the way to make-up for their frailty - and when I find an opponent alone I can rip them apart with steroid buffs / combos (I often build hextech on both of them).

    If I know I have a really good AP player on my team: Soraka, I may not top kills or damage or anything with Soraka - but there is no champion I feel I contribute more to wins with than bombing heals/mana into a carry or initiating with silence / MR debuffs, or benefitting late game with MR aura and massive group heals.
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    or Hecarim.
    Reaper Hecarim can whinnie any fight.

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    Top:Vladimir 2nd most played champion in rankeds, i hardly lose lanes, ever.
    Junge:Nocturne I hardly get good results anymore, but i used to stomp with nocturne. Still my number 1 jungler.
    Ad: Vayne, with like 120 rankeds this is my most played champion, at lower elos (-1.8k) people really cant lane well enough to shut it down, and it ends up i get fed most of the time.
    Support: Blizcrank, can carry games with grabs and be so agressive on lane
    Mid: Its either kennen or kassadin. I used to play kennen as the mid id allways go for before his nerfs, but now i've learned kassadin well enough to play it pretty good.

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    Believe it or not whenever I feel like winning I pick Wukong, I have over 300 wins with that champ and just love the way he plays in top lane.

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    Lee sin is just awesome... When i play him i feel like i am helping my team a ton, and i am.... Getting the lanes fed and getting legendary myself quite often...

    Twisted fate is just my favorite mid... He has one of the best laning phases in the game, and his farming potential is great... Infinite mana with Blue cards... Everyone underrestimates me and they stay in lane when they should back giving me easy kills...

    Akali is my all-round kill champion... She just needs a few early kills and then it starts rolling... Killing the ADC in mere milliseconds...

    Whenever we need an AD carry i go Vayne, she is kinda risky i guess but i have never really had a onesided bad game with her... I guess people doesn't know how to deal with her in solo q.. On my lvl 24 i play Ez always because he is fun, but he is not really as safe for me as im not as comfortable with him...

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    TRISTANA. No, I don't have Firefighter Tristana, because I hate that skin. I prefer Buccaneer!

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    Fiora. I know she's not a leet pro pick, but that actually has some benefits, when playing random low elo types (which as I suck is all I'm ever fighting against ) people just don't know how to counter her, because they're not used to seeing her around. The amount of times I've been totally carrying a game, doing insane damage and being super hard to kill and I've not seen a single enemy buy some armor is epic

    Jarvan IV is also a solid pick for me, because I've played him in almost every role and done fairly well solo top? J-man. Double bot? Carry or support? doesn't matter! J-MAN!! Jungle? Some buff mobs are gunna get ddduuunnkkkeeeeddd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zariay View Post
    TRISTANA. No, I don't have Firefighter Tristana, because I hate that skin. I prefer Buccaneer!
    I have it. I still use Buccaneer. I also have her other skins (except for limited edition ones =( )

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    Top: Swain
    Mid: Swain
    Jungle: Sejuani/Cho`Gath
    Bot: Graves/Sivir Lulu/Leona

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    Top - Riven or Renekton
    Mid - Brand or Cassiopeia
    Bot - Leona or Sona for support, Draven for ADC
    Jungling - I don't jungle much, but if I had to chose...probably Lee Sin.

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    If I want a good game and to carry my team, I go with Sona. I love playing her, I'm very good at her, she's great at both harassing, chasing down, sustaining, you name it. She can't do a lot of damage but she can really put the hurt on a squishy champ even if you don't build her for AP. Also, Sona + blue buff = <3

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