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    Heh, if I know one thing, it's that humans fear what they don't know, or "the unknown".

    One day, people will learn, hopefully.

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    Battle Bunny Riven!, Who else?

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    If I want to win. I got my Pentakill Morde, Little Knight Amumu, or Granite Malphite.

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    Top: Riven.
    Mid: Kennen/Lux.
    Bot ad: Vayne/Ezreal
    Support: Sadly.. can't play support.
    Jungle: Maokai/Lee sin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alteam View Post
    Battle Bunny Riven!, Who else?
    Championship Riven, come at me bro
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    Its Nunu or Sona now...depending on what my team decides on for composition.
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    Not finding-a-cock-on-your-girlfriend-is-normal level of odd, but nevertheless, still odd.

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    Anyone that knows me, knows the answer

    Gangplank y0

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    For me, depends on the role.

    Jungler? Maokai, don't have very many bad games with him
    Top? Probably Kayle or Jarvan, depending on who i'll be up against
    ADC? Tristana, even if you get behind in CS, which happens since she pushes the lane, her endgame is nuts
    Support? Probably a kill lane, Nautilus, Taric otherwise
    Mid? Gragas, dat ult
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    Mine is lux, I leveled up playing her and her skill shots are super easy for me to land.

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    So far its been Kayle.

    I know she's support but I think I might be horrible at it and just go AD which has worked really well so far for this noooob.

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    I personally go for Wukong as there are still alot of players unaware and trying to farm with low HP, it's really fun to just use your W and E to get to them pretty fast without them even knowing and it's a free kill.

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    I like Miss Fortune the best, to be honest.

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    I really like playing support. So i'd say Sona or Taric. If im tanking it's either Volibear or Malphite.

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    I've been playing Malphite and Soraka lately. Soraka's ability to allow a strong mana user to spam is very good, not to mention a free nuke on cooldown. Malphite is just such a beefy tank, and can eat so much damage.

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    Jax for top and jungle
    Draven for AD Carry

    Dont play any other positions.

    PS; Jax is a BOSS !

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    Lately is Taric, see my avatar, the one I lost is cause of a router crash for more then 20 minutes.
    If I jungle then is Nautilus.

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    Brand or Morgana. Definitely my two favourite AP champions, both have a strong laning phase to really set them up.
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    If I want to bully my lane, I'll play Olaf or Vlad, depending on whats top, and what comp we're building for.

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