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    Lulu all the way, support in bot early game --> transition into hybrid mid / late and just wreck in teamfights. Counter initiator, oh yeah.

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    Usually Cassio. If I get a few early kills from good ganks then her damage pretty much skyrockets for the rest of the game and it's gg.

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    Karthus. All I have to do is press R.
    "There's no place for the Vanu Sovereignty in a free world, because they refuse to respect my right to tell them to fuck right off."

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    AP Mid/Jungle: Diana
    Tank Jungle: Skarner
    ADC Jungle: Kha'zix
    Tanky-AD Jungle: Rengar
    ADC Bot: TF
    AD Top: Jax
    Tank Top: Shen
    Support: Taric

    If you can't tell, I prefer to jungle. lol

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