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    How does the Mystic Forge work (Armor boxes)

    So I was told you can get a full level 80 exotic armor set by making it in the forge. I wasn't told how to make it, so how does this work? Is it possible to get a level 80 Berserker's exotic set? What would be the mats for this?

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    I think the boxes is just a box of recipies. You need actual crafting to get the set.

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    Not sure if "every piece of an armor set" refers to recipes for it or just the armor set itself. Feasts says it gives you the recipe, so I'm assuming an "Armor Box" just gives you the full set...but it starts with "Recipes can be created using the Mystic Forge(Armor 80 exotic crafted needed)." so maybe you do get the recipe? But then recipe could just refer to Mystic Forge...

    Anyone know which one it is? Looks like you learn a recipe for smithing, then can just make it.
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    Look armorcrafting up on guildhead.com. You have to put a bunch of material together for the whole sets. Or look out for your friendly armorer next door.
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    You only get a recipe for the armor box out of the forge...

    ... and the best part is: Crafting the box costs more materials than crafting each piece itself.

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