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    I agree, if it's a privacy battle it feels like it would by Pyrrhic at best to "win" it.
    On the privacy battlefield, nothing is a pyrrhic victory, fight everything tbh!

    Anyway, why care? dont take screenshots if it concerns ya that much

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyzen View Post
    I don't understand how this would catch people breaking the ToS?
    If Blizzard thinks that you are having suspicious activity going on your account they can forward screenshots from your client.
    These screenshots are also used as part of documentation for a ban.
    Example could be mouse cursor placement in D3 while a bot runs and fires shift shots in the opposite direction of the cursor.

    As for your own screenshots containing a watermark... who cares.. Server IP, Time and the a user account string that doesn't even contain your password.
    Unless your going to have something shady going on there is no need to be frightened.

    Sorry for google necroing this up
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    Rofl people that are concerned about their online privacy always cracks me up.
    That guy (>'.')>

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    Quote Originally Posted by Methanar View Post
    Not really a time sensitive thread, leaving it open.
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