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    SWTOR FB Question: Question of the day: If you could choose any SWTOR character

    Who would lead the jedi Order/Who would lead the Sith

    ok so i saw this on the swtor FB palge and its filled with the usuall idiots that live to troll or just be plain asses.

    this is a very interesting question and i would love to hear feed back from the swtor community about their thoughts also i added the Sith part. i personally dont remember all the characters that would have enough influence to lead such orders or the in depth information that i know most of you guys have.

    SO....... WHO would you choose (this is NOT a thread of the state of the game lets keep that in other threads please there are plenty)

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    I don't have an opinion of the Jedi Order, but Malgas was/is definitely the best guy to lead the Sith.

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    Jace Malcom. Leading the newly forged Imperial Republican Army to destroy both the Sith and the Jedi, so the galaxy can be freed from their never ending war and magical jack assery.
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    Malgus seems pretty solid for the Sith, maybe even Marr. They both seem rather level headed and not completely in it 4 teh evilz.
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    yea Malgus ruthless determination would have been the end of the Republic had he been Emperor from the start. Glad he wanst lol

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    Nurkolas! If it shoots, burns, or explodes, he carries it!

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    Satele Shan for every reason she already leads the Jedi Order. Plus, there is this:
    "It is said that in that duel, she blocked Malgus' lightsaber with her hands"

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    republic: revan, Id like to see him uniting the republic and the sith empire, how else can we explain the old republic has the empire logo and ship design in the prequel movies?

    sith: still emperor vitiate of course, and he should pick the inquisitor player character as his new voice
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